Saturday, February 2, 2008

Flagging Energy

As I get older, I find that I can't keep up with full-time work. I think this is because of my disability taking energy that I would otherwise have to expend on work. Luckily, I can work part-time financially, but sometimes my job requires too much of me to actually be the part-time employee I want to be. I wonder, now that I am tired and used up, how you all cope with differing energy levels that affect your work. Any ways you recharge your batteries that seem to be successful?

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  1. I certainly identify with you about flagging energy. I made the decision to go to part-time work 5 years ago and it was both a relief and necessary to preserve what post-polio strength I have left, but also quite upsetting. Jowever, I am still not recharging enough because I haven't slowed down! I know I have worked all my life to counter the societal stereotypes and prejudices about me as a disabled person, especially a disabled woman, by becoming a super-achiever. I can't seem to let go of my role, my persona, my sense of self as a professional woman. I am begining to wonder to what degree internalized "disaphobia," if there is such a word, is playing a part. That the professional role has protected me from my own internalized struggle with difference. Or is it just struggling with generic aging issues of moving from a working person to "just gramma?" But what does recharge me is being out in the beautiful New Mexico sunshine, escape into fiction, and the pleasure of the company of other disabled women who "get it."


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