Friday, April 11, 2008

Cruise issues

Hi friends,

I thought that I would take a few moments to tell you about the cruise in the frame work of disability issues. I only had two major issues; the rest of the experience was wonderful... good service, excellent food and wonderfully pleasant staff who were happy to help with various things.

The first issue was that when I booked the cruise, I was told that the tenders were not wheelchair accessible and that I would only be able to go ashore at those ports to which the ship could dock. NOT TRUE. I learned too late that the tenders were indeed accessible and that we could have seen Catalina Island.

The second issue was that it was very difficult to get to the theatre on the 5th deck because the only elevators that went to 5 were tiny round elevators that were only large enough for one wheelchair at a time or those near our room which got us to the 5th floor, but then we had to go up three steps. That was a little difficult, especially after a show, bingo, etc.

Other than these two things I was delighted with the experience and we are already saving for another one sometime in the future.

Cruise On!

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